Shipping & Delivery


Shipping Times

Yes, we are still shipping! Please allow 15-30 days to receive your product. We have put in new cleansing, social distancing and sanitation protocols that take longer than usual. We are focusing on ensuring that your product is as sanitized as possible. We thank you for your consideration and patience during this unprecedented time.

Carriers and Partners

We will ship your order using USPS. We constantly monitor the carrier service announcements and choose based on the fastest, and most convenient shipping for our customers.

Order Pick-Ups

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we are not allowing order pick-ups.

Sanitization Practices

When we receive our product from our manufacturer, our hair goes through a two day cleansing process. First, the hair is washed with a cleansing co-wash. Then, the hair is conditioned. They are then hung to dry, which takes approximately 12 hours. We then do a follow up test to ensure that the hair is dry before we ship anything out. When handling product, we work with clean hands, gloves and a mandatory face mask. Our workspace is always sanitized and clean. You can ensure that we take extra precaution when preparing our products.

International Shipping/Where we Ship

We ship only within US.

Order Editing/Wrong Address Updates

Please note, if your order has shipped, we CANNOT update the address. For all orders, ensure that your address and contact information is accurate, so you receive your product promptly.